The Practice

Moving in Grace is offered with the intention of supporting us to feel our bodies, and to feel how we are supported by the Earth.  To rest into this support and to help our minds to trust that the body will show us what we need and want.  And to honor what we want is to feel connected to ourselves and others in a greater balance beyond our stories of disconnection and fear.

Acknowledging that the breakdown of the relationship between the body and the mind is related and similar to the perpetrator/victim dynamic that is present in our society.  If we are able to realign our bodies and minds in an always changing balanced flow, than we are more able to be present to, accept the reality of and address the pain caused by oppression.  We are all needing to remember our relationship to the Earth and oppression that has caused people to feel separate from their bodies is a result of a disconnection from the feeling of abundance and connection that we can all experience with the Earth.

In this practice we drop into ourselves in meditation, visualize being in sleep, wake up and move with ourselves and move together in nourishing, expansive, playful, celebratory expression!  There is either a rich multi-layer textured recorded music landscape or live musicians to support our journey together.

Moving in Grace is a synthesis of aspects of Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, Buddhist insight meditation, shamanic journeying, Authentic Movement, Body Mind Centering and improvisational dance and sounding.  This practice moves from guided meditation into visualization and then physical expression through the breath that carries the body into its own unique dance and song.  Hilary has drawn from her practice of a Tibetan Buddhism, Thai Forest meditation, a Nepalese Newari tantric dance form called Charya Nritya and has woven in relational and therapeutic tools that she has learned from counseling and facilitation experience within various community contexts over the last decade. The integration of these practices and perspectives allows for tensions and held emotions to be released and transformed into self-expression, simple enjoyment, and physical pleasure.

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