Join Hilary for a personal residential retreat at her home at Nine Mountain Retreat Center next to EarthDance, Artists Residency and Dance Retreat Center in Plainfield, a small hill town in Western Massachusetts.  

Nine Mountain Retreat Center is a place where people from around the world come to explore how to live with a greater sense of belonging and integrity in connection to self, community and the Earth. This space is held as a home to all to who come to be in the woods, supported by the strength of the stone walls, cradled by the canopies of the maples, birches, beeches and pines, cleansed by the gentle babbling flows of the streams and engaged by the activating winds off the hilltops. The ease and natural abundance of this land will support you to rest into your own inner home, renew and receive the inner and outer bounty to bring back to your own home and life.

Hilary offers many different spiritual practices including yoga, breathing practices, meditation from various Buddhist and yogic traditions, energetic healing from the Infinity Healing School, Body Mind Centering from the Somatic Body work she is studying, improvisational movement and sound healing, spiritual counseling from a contemplative psychotherapeutic perspective, guided vision walks in the woods and nutritional guidance as well as Moving in Grace her own unique integration of many of these modalities.  You can co-create your own ideal retreat with her as you discover what will support your personal awakening.

There would be an initial consultation over the phone and or you’d be welcome to come out to Nine Mountain to check out the space.  She invites you to share what your spiritual journey has been, what you are wanting and discern a main question or two that you are moving through. Then when you arrive there would be another check in about the process as it has been unfolding for your arrival and she will offer some suggestions of practices and tools to work with as we design a retreat together exploring those practices either together or you’d be welcome to practice alone.  It remains very flexible throughout the time how she interacts and guides each person based on their unique path and needs as the retreat progresses.  There will also be time for checking back in throughout the retreat and a closing integration time at the end helping you to bring the space and jewels that have been cultivated to return with you back home.

The possible benefits include deepening in one’s own personal spiritual journey, learning spiritual practices and modalities to develop one’s own personal practice, receiving spiritual counseling, contemplative therapeutic, energetic or somatic healing sessions that can shift one’s state or perspective and bring greater grounding, clarity, openness, activation, inspiration, creativity, joy or whatever one is intending for his or her own personal healing and for greater connection, ease and grace in relationships.

Half, single or multiple day long retreats are available generally during the week with Hilary’s personal guidance and spiritual practice support as well as home cooked gourmet vegetarian meals prepared by her or one of our chefs.



1 hour consultation session $75

3 hour guidance session $225

6 hours of guidance (two 3 hour sessions) $350-$500

Two days of 6 hours of guidance per day $600-$800


Single night dorm bed $75/person plus tax

Single night single bed $85/person including tax

Single night double bed $95/couple including tax


Breakfast $10/person plus tax

Lunch Vegetarian$15/person; Meat $20/person plus tax

Dinner Vegetarian $20/person; Meat $25/person plus tax

Contact Hilary at to find out more information, available dates and other details.