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There are many ways that one can bring this vast awareness in and rest in this place as one’s home.  Hilary offers ways that can powerfully shift your life towards a more integrated embodiment of your highest and deepest held beliefs through easeful, creative and even blissful practices.

Are you feeling the pain of the distance between living the change you wish to see and where you are right now? Are you searching for what else is possible while feeling confused about how to take the next step? Do you want to feel more deeply loved and at home inside of you so that you can receive and offer yourself more fully to others?

What if that was all possible within the next few months?

You may wonder how to take the next steps with this feeling of being stuck, confused and uncomfortable in your body. You may even feel desperation when you consider all that is happening in the world and how ineffective, isolated and hopeless you may feel at times.  I’m with you, I feel this too and everyday I take action to move beyond these beliefs to live into the change that I feel is possible.

I’m Hilary and I work with movers and shakers who want to feel the alignment of their values with their desires in their body and make a difference in their personal and professional worlds and to build a community of transformation together from the ground up.

As a sacred arts minister with over 10 years of helping alternative creative institutions and the individuals within them to align with their deeper purpose and to move towards thriving, I now work with groups and individuals who are ready to take the next steps to embody their creative dreams as they:

  • Release past beliefs and patterns that keep them stuck in the same mental and emotional loops
  • Learn how to move more easily and fluidly with more aliveness, enjoyment and clarity
  • Create new beliefs and movement patterns that support them to act in their life with greater ease, grace and confidence
  • Celebrate their successes and acknowledge the failures and pain as their best teachers
  • Honor the truth of their body and desires and how to move towards fulfilling those desires each day, moment by moment

I believe that it’s totally possible to live your dreams of change and feel supported by your own body along the way.

Because when you shift what you believe and feel it in your body, you’ll shift your reality and sense of what you feel is possible and can take the steps towards creating the life and world of your dreams!

Here are various opportunities that I offer:

Moving in Grace is a Buddhist inspired ritual movement and sounding practice that is offered with the intention to bring more awareness and grace into the cycle of one’s daily life with the expression of our dreams through our bodies.  No experience with dance, meditation, yoga or any spiritual practice is needed.  All that is needed is an open mind, heart and a body that is ready to explore with intention.  See About the Practice and Dancing with Dharma to learn more and check out Workshops for dates.

Another offering is the InBody Spiritual Guidance sessions that offer a deeper exploration into one’s spiritual and physical being and delves into the practice of integrating body, mind, soul and spirit to live one’s calling from the heart through various practices and tools.  I support you to feel safe, at ease and held by grace in the body and to express yourself more freely.  These sessions can be done in person using touch, movement, sounding, conversation as well as over the internet.  See InBody Spiritual Guidance.

For a more intensive experience you can come join me at Nine Mountain Retreat Center in Plainfield, MA for a day or more personal retreat where you’ll receive personally tailored guidance and a sacred space in which to do the deeper work with yourself.  See Retreats.

I also offers weddings, individualized ceremonies and community gatherings in the form of Mandala Dance, a local sacred dance and music gathering that happens about every 3 months in the Pioneer Valley and other events at Nine Mountain Retreat Center.  See Community Ministry.