InBody Spiritual Guidance and Somatic Bodywork

Are you wanting to feel more at home, alive and comfortable in your body?  Are you wanting to feel more deeply engaged in your life?  Are you wanting to feel more of what’s possible in all realms of your life?  Do you want to continue to grow into your full potential and potency as an actor in creating the vibrant life and relationships that you want with yourself, others and your community and environment?

If so, you are ready to step into InBody Spiritual Guidance with Hilary to activate and re-vitalize your life from the inside out.

Hilary is offering InBody Spiritual Guidance sessions that are a integration of her 14 years of study and practice of Buddhism, ministry from the inclusive Unitarian Universalist tradition, mindfulness and insight meditation, yoga, Tibetan Buddhist practice, energy healing work from the Infinity Healing Practice, ancestral healing, shamanic traditions, improvisational dance and sounding, Thai massage and more recently Somatic Body training.  She offers sessions that provide a grounding in and integration of spiritual teachings that can come alive in your body through all aspects of your life informing all that you do with each move you make from your essence.  

Learn how being aware of each system of your body is essential for you to live a fully engaged, awake and aware life and how developing your relationship with the natural environment can help you to develop your capacity to be present in all aspects of your life. Each system of our body relates to a system of the Earth and the elements are the bridge.

During sessions she offers guidance to focus one’s attention on various aspects of the body to be present with the wisdom that is available to you at all times in your own unique body-home. She encourages you to share and express what you find in your body through movement, sounding, words and new stories that help you to cultivate an awareness of your relationship to the natural systems. This relatedness can then support you to develop a practice of how you want to relate with others in your life and can help you to create the life of your dreams.

Example Session:

  • Opening conversation and intention setting for our time together (if there’s a structural or alignment need and interest we will begin with the element of Earth and focus on the bones, ligaments and connective tissues)
  • Guided meditation into an awareness of the bones and ligaments as the stones and roots of your body in relationship with the Earth
  • Hands on touch on the bones and ligaments to support an awareness of the structure and stability in your own alignment and cultivating a more supportive alignment through touch, movement and possibly sounding to feel resonance in the bones and tissues
  • Conversation throughout the session about movement suggestions and information about skeletal and connective tissues health
  • Closing with reflection on the session together, key ideas and practices to bring into one’s daily awareness and activities

This is just one example of how we would focus on the element of Earth in a session, which is generally where one begins unless there is clarity on the part of the client where he or she wants to focus.

Over the course of 10 or more sessions one moves through all 5 elements:

  • Earth – Bones, Joints, Ligaments, Connective Tissue, Muscles
  • Water – Blood, Cellular awareness, Organs (Kidneys, Reproductive Organs, Heart, Digestive track), Lymph
  • Fire – Nervous Systems (Central, Cardiac, Enteric), Endocrine System
  • Air – Throat, Lungs, Face, Voice and Sounding
  • Ether or Space – Cerebral Spinal Fluid, Consciousness, Vision

Single sessions at $80-$100 per hour and
A 10 session Self Activation Package at $800-$1000 (sliding scale if you pay in full) in which you can take a deeper dive and experience a more integrated transformation and life activation as you are guided through the elements and their capacity to support your renewal and actualization.
(Pay in full or as a payment plan at $1,000 over 10-20 weeks)

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