Embody the Dakini . . .

A Sacred Pilgrimage to Empower the Divine Feminine

A 12 Day Journey with the Divine Feminine Dakini in Kathmandu, Nepal and surrounding areas

New Dates:

February 25th – March 8th, 2019

Are you looking for the way to feel the sacred nature of your wholeness, your sensuality, your agency, your aliveness in each cell? Do you want to feel more connected to the Earth and your sense of purpose in all you do? 

I can tell you that I’ve struggled with these questions on my path and have found my own empowerment and capacity through accepting and intentionally cultivating my relationship with all aspects of my body, mind and soul. I took a quantum leap forward in my personal journey when I went to Nepal over three years ago. My plan was to continue my ‘Pilgrimage Home’ that I was on for 7 months traveling from my ancestral home in England to India and then to Nepal to continue studying Tibetan Buddhism and traditional tantric dance.  I also left an intimate partnership knowing that I needed to cultivate my own sacred masculine self rather than relying on any man outside of me. I had received a Buddhist ministry degree from Harvard Divinity School a few years before and I didn’t feel like I could receive that degree fully until I had been to the home of the Buddha and felt the place and the culture myself. I also found myself learning about the dakini Vajra Yogini and realizing she was becoming my guide and guardian and I was becoming her.

The Dakini or female ‘Skydancer’ deity comes to those who need to make a big change or while they are already in transition as a guide. She may also show up to help clear the way at anytime you need some extra support.  She’s a fierce, protective force for loving transformation. Vajra Yogini herself is recognized as the embodiment of the masculine and feminine qualities (or yin and yang) in a female deity who doesn’t ever need a male to feel her wholeness. She is complete, wildly alive and free in herself as a healer, dancer, creatress who uses her sexual energy to empower herself and others. I learned her dance through studying Charya Nritya, the Newari or local Nepalese cultural tantric dance form. And I found myself going to all of her incredibly gorgeous ancient sacred sites around Kathmandu. Her pilgrimage sites surround the city, guarding the capital of Nepal. Each site brought me a greater understanding and knowing of who she is within me and guided me towards my own healing while learning how to be of greater service to others in my wholeness.

While this journey was deeply transformative for me while I was abroad, it has been in the integration work over the last three years that I’ve been able to live the lessons more and more each day.  That has included further developing my awareness and healing work.  I’ve done this through studying somatic movement therapy, bringing a deeper embodiment to my energetic healing practice as well as my spiritual values into every part of my life while living at and running a transformational retreat center in dance community in Western 

Massachusetts. Throughout all of this challenging work, Vajra Yogini has been with me and has guided me towards my greater empowerment and full embodiment to be and share my truth. She supported me to feel my sexual power and to learn how to use it well with others and myself. She is now integrated into how I relate to all people and how I walk in the world as an empowered, embodied woman at this time of massive change.  We need the gifts of the Dakini and Vajra Yogini to ignite our lives, our communities and the world to burn out what we no longer need and to call in the powerfully healing, nourishing, joyful, celebratory, wild, wise and fully expressed feminine into all areas of our lives for the awakening of all beings!

20180225_LaRoche, Adora _Drawing Salon _0618
Photo by Phyllis Meredith

During this journey I will be sharing the gifts that she has brought to me through Charya Nritya tantric dance, somatic healing practices with meditation, movement and touch as well as connecting to this sacred land through these practices everywhere that we go. I will also share from my studies of Buddhism having studied Buddhism for twenty years and currently being a Tibetan Buddhist practitioner, which is one of the main religious traditions in Nepal. We will also be traveling with Julie Upon, our seasoned spiritual travel guide, a long time Tibetan Buddhist practitioner and deeply experienced yogini. She will help us to connect to the locals and the local Newari culture as well as the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism with her many years of experience bringing people on spiritual pilgrimages in India and Nepal.

Throughout the journey we will also be having conversations about all the many issues that will arise from gender to sex, spirit to race and being conscious in our cultural exchange and integration of what we are learning. After we return home we will continue to be in connection with each other in person for those who live locally and via the internet for those who are further away as a way to support each other in the integration of all we experienced together. Hilary will be also available for discounted sliding scale one-on-one InBody spiritual guidance sessions in person and/or online to continue working with her. 

General Itinerary (subject to change):
Arrival Day in Kathmandu (stay in Bouddha)
Day 1: Bouddha – Kopan monastery – walk around go to cafes and temples within Bouddha as well as Kopan on the hill to get the view of Bouddha (also volunteer for Earth Day, TBA)
Day 2: Pashupatinath Gnat – cremation grounds, holiest Hindu temples in Nepal and Naropa and Tilopa caves
Day 3: Sankhu – oldest existing monastery and Vajrayogini temple in the hills 40 min drive from Kathmandu to the Northeast
Day 4: Patan (Lalitpur) – Vajrayogini temple and ancient temple village South of Kathmandu
Days 5, 6 and 7: Pharphing – village in the Southwest of Kathmandu with Nyingma temple, Vajrayogini temple, emanating Tara and Ganesha, Padmasambhava caves and other temples.  Possibility of connecting with these Vajrayogini dancing nuns.
Day 8: Swayambunath and Bisweswari temple – The Monkey temple and Flying Vajrayogini temple
Day 9: Bhaktapur – ancient Newari village to the Southeast of Kathmandu with Red Tara temple
Day 10: Thamel – Triple Tara temple hidden amidst the shopping craze
Day 11: Flexible Day that can include another site or staying overnight in another area
Day 12: Integration Day in Bouddha to visit surrounding temples, final shopping and closing time together

2019 Costs:
Early Bird Rate ($500 deposit paid before September 25th 2018):  $1850
Normal Rate ($500 deposit paid before November 25th 2018):  $1950
Final Rate (non-refundable $500 deposit paid before February 25th 2019):  $2050
*$500 deposit is fully refundable until November 25th, 2018
The base price includes:

Airport Pick-Ups and Drop-Offs for each person
Double Occupancy Accommodation in Boudha and Parphing ($400 more for single occupancy)
Daily Breakfast
Daily Transportation
Local Guide
Entry Fees to all Heritage sites

Daily meditation, embodiment & movement practices and Buddhist teachings by Hilary and Julie
The Guides:

Julie has been a teacher of Buddhism, Yoga and Meditation for over 10-years and a practitioner for over 25.  She lives most of the year in Nepal and India where she guides pilgrims on transformational journey’s to sacred sites and power places.  Her passion and service work is helping others connect with truth and to live their divine purpose in this life.

If you are interested in talking to Hilary about the journey and finding out more email her at hilaryjlake@gmail.com and look out for posts and live feeds about it on facebook.