Mandala Dance

Mandala Dance

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Hilary is a founding core member of Mandala Dance a local Pioneer Valley sacred dance gathering that incorporates simple ritual to bring connection and depth into three hours of improvisational dance, music, drumming and prayer while co-creating a mandala out of natural materials.

We provide a safe sacred uplifted space for the community that supports ecstatic dance, spontaneous creative expression, facilitates heartfelt connections and appreciation for a community ritual. The dancing space is carefully decorated for each event which sets up a celebratory atmosphere. 

We start with a mellow dancing warm up, followed by a welcoming circle that creates a sacred space. The circle is followed by a guided meditation that grounds participants in their bodies and gets them moving. At this point participants are invited to co-create a sand Mandala placed at a well lit location in the room. The flow of the event is facilitated and yet it allows a free flow and spaces for improvisation.

The musicians and instruments vary each time and include drums, percussions, harp, violin, flutes, piano and voices and much more. The natural flow ranges from wild ecstatic drumming to moments of silence and even spaces for spontaneous community co-created poetry. The participants can express them selves through many avenues: from dancing, percussion and singing, to sand Mandala co-creation.

The evening is concluded by a closing circle when the sand mandala is dissolved in a community ritual, manifesting the joy and impermanence of our experience.

One unique aspect of Mandala Dance is that it serves as a bridge between many communities that find their expression here: from the Contact Improvisation Community, Earthdance, Dance Spirit, Drum and Dance, Fire circles, members of the Sirius community as well as local families etc… We are kids-friendly event and we usually have several families with children attending. Some of the parents commented on how much our event helped their children open up and encouraged their spontaneity.

What is our mission?

Our mission is to build a strong community that is well connected and delights in getting together on a regular basis to create connection through co-creation of dance, music, songs and ritual.

We come together as a community every 2-3 months usually at Sirius Community in Shutesbury, MA.  Find out more and join our email list on our website.