Ministry of Co-Creation

Personally and collaboratively crafted ceremonies from weddings, to rites of passage and celebrations that help to acknowledge the depth and breadth of the transition, and bring a more integrated embodiment to the visions and intentions that are emerging into one’s life.

I empower individuals to consciously create their own reality by reflecting their essential gifts & beauty to them. I also challenge them to open and share their unique expression of truth through the co-creation of their own ritual.

These following elements are consulted and considered in the process of co-creating together . . .
-Research and learning to develop focus and knowledge of ones inner self and how to relate in the world through study and conversation (Air ~ East)
-Sustainability of resources and Competency in practices of nourishing and caring for one’s body and whole being (Fire ~ South)
-Creativity and Self Expression in action through the arts including play, music, movement, visual arts, and beyond (Water ~ West)
-Resiliency and Integrity by working in collaboration within community and engaging with diversity and issues of justice (Earth ~ North)
-Spiritual and mindfulness practices that cultivate consciousness (Space ~ Center)