About Hilary Lake

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I created Moving in Grace to find my way through the darkness of feeling deeply isolated and alone with the hope to feel connected to and present with myself and others. I was trying so hard to fit in, to be worthy of love, to make myself lovable based on my external success. I was in graduate school at Harvard Divinity School studying Buddhist ministry wanting to save myself and the world. While having a full load of classes and being a grass roots activist, I was doing yoga every morning, meditating, dancing multiple times a week, singing and playing violin, going to psychotherapy, even learning about shamanism and receiving healings. While all of these practices gave me tools, they were so separate and often felt isolating and or brought up more pain and anxiety as I tried to ‘be good’ at everything.

Also at this time I so wanted to feel a part of community.  I had lived in community, I had helped create a non-profit Unitarian Universalist cooperative house, I had run spiritual groups for years and yet I felt separate, lonely, and feared I would always be alone. I was ready to break out of my shell and express my truth yet I felt crazy and overwhelmed. I was so scared to actually let people see me for fear that they would judge me and yet part of me was judging them all along.

What helped me to integrate and shift from pushing myself into accepting and loving myself while alone and with around others was creating a space in which I could just be, feel and express anything that was going on for me. I wanted to be able to rest into feeling what is present for me in my body, allow it to be fully accepted and acknowledged, and then to move with it and express it in sound with others as we learn about how to create a healthy rhythm for ourselves.

This space became my masters thesis and I called it Moving in Grace. It became a space in which I could accept my whole experience and where I could be in inquiry to learn how to love myself better so that I could learn to love others and to let them love me as well.

Since divinity school I’ve studied various healing practices including Infinity Practice, Somatic Bodywork (an ISMETA approved training) and has 15 years experience of studying Buddhism, meditation and yoga in the US, Thailand, India and Nepal with various teachers including Gabrielli LaChiara, Malidome Some, Bonnie Bambridge Cohen, Bill Pfeiffer, Lama Willa Miller, Lama John McKransky, Bernie Glassman, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Grandmother Kaariina, Chyoki Nyingma Rinpoche among others. I’ve also have been a singer and dancer my whole life studying various forms from classical to improvisational as well as a natural connector and community organizer bringing people together to honor the Earth, each other and the Infinite.

I live and have created my dreams and now I’m is supporting others to do the same.

When you work with me you’ll get access to all the tools and skills that I’ve learned along my journey offered in down to Earth, simple steps and moves that are fun, easy, blissful and even celebratory!  As we work together you’ll come to understand yourself, your challenges, your patterns, your gifts, your desires, your unique way of moving and how you want to make your next moves from a place of deep acceptance.  I’ll also support you through the process of making those moves in your relationships, your professional life, your spiritual journey and how to do them in alignment with your deeply held personal values.

By the time our work together is done, you’ll feel a greater sense of aliveness and potential in all areas of your body and your life, and excitement to take the next steps to receive what you desire with a grounded sense of how to make what you desire possible by having it come to and through you.

If you feel called to work with me, email me at hilaryjlake@gmail.com to set up an initial consultation call.